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Monday, 2 November 2009

Our Garden

During the summer I took quite a few pictures of our flower garden.  Graham is in charge of this area, I'm in charge of the vegetable plot.  Because he was in hospital and was very ill, I took pictures to show him when I visited in the hope that it would encourage him.

This is the area near our shed, this year the geraniums didn't do well at all, it was just too wet.

This tub was my favourite, a couple of weeks after taking this picture it was even more beautiful.

The scented stocks in this picture were a much brighter colour than shown here.  At the back of them is a laurel, it was supposed to be just a small bush but grew so much we pruned it into a tree shape.  Each year a bird nests in it, I think it is probably a dunnock but it might be a blackbird, I don't poke around too much so as not to frighten whatever bird it is.  I know that dunnocks live in the hedge just here.

We planted this up this year and it started to fill out really quickly.

I can't remember the name of this plant.  The perfume from it fills the surroundings, it's been in this planter for several years now and has survived the winters.

Even though it was a very wet summer all the plants did well and we had some beautiful displays.

One picture of my veg plot, this is a raised bed and is crammed with plants each year.  There are three other raised beds that we didn't do much with this time.  We've got big plans for them next year!!!


Anonymous said...

don't you love technology being able to bring the garden to the bedside. I'm sure it helped Graham's recovery. Have fun rethinking it for next year :o)

melissa sews said...

My package arrived today! It is wonderful - and yes, Sara Lynn wants it to belong to her. :)

Thank you so much, Ann. I will treasure it always. Your garden was lovely... God's Peace, Melissa

Berit said...

How beautiful it all is! Your veggie plot also looks like a dense jungle of deliciousness!