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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Swap News And Other Stuff

I had to borrow the pictures of this extremely tasty Damson Chutney from Nipitinthebud because I forgot to take a picture of it immediately and we ate is so quickly it was all gone in no time.

I'm not a chutney lover but this was just perfect for me, not too sharp and vinegary like some chutneys can be, or completely tasteless like an expensive bought one we had.  We ate it with soda bread and cheese but it was gorgeous just on it's own with the bread.  I recommend this chutney if Nipitinthebud ever sells it!!!

I'm still in my Christmas decoration making mood.  The recent humbug swap I'm in started me off making humbug shaped chickens, bags and now bowl fillers.  First I used the printed panel I bought then I decided to try this shape with other designs of Christmas fabric.  I'm pleased with how many home made decorations I've made so far this year.  The cats in the picture were made a couple of years ago, I think they look good with the other stuff in this basket.

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Berit said...

I agree that the kitties are very charming in this grouping. Did you make the basket liner yourself?