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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Is It Lost?

This was mailed two weeks ago, so it's either lost in the post or not acknowledged - I think I would rather it be lost than not acknowledged!!!  If it is lost it doesn't make any difference that I show it on my blog because the recipient won't be receiving it anyway.  Oh well, never mind.

Look at this poor little dog, he's got to lie on a plastic bag - aaaahhh!  Dogs certainly know how to make you feel guilty, he wanted to sit on my knee but I was stitching at the time and it's very difficult to stitch with a dog on my knee, I know because I've tried it.  You should see him when he curls up on a small carrier bag, it's really pathetic then.  There are four dog beds for his convenience around the house but if they aren't within two inches of where I sit he insists that he has to sit on me.


Anonymous said...

fingers crossed it turns up
don't you just love doggy devotion ;o)

Myra said...

Poor little doggy. LOL I really hope your humbug isn't lost. My last exchange, the floss tag was lost and I had to make another one.

Berit said...

Oh, dear! I do hope it isn't lost...

It seems that there is often a good bit of confusion in the exchanging world with the post going awry--I don't quite get that because in my 27 years I've never had anything I sent lost or misdirected, but I suppose it's the law of averages that it happens sometime.

mangocheeks said...

Oh they are so pretty. I do hope they are not lost in the post.

Patti said...

I really hope it turns up Ann. Two of my exchanges to the same person (only in France) have been lost. I sent the first one in September and the second one in November. What a pain in the you know where.
Patti xxx