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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Lovely Stuff

I know I shouldn't but I just can't stop myself.  I went to Leicester today because it was the open weekend at The Fabric Guild.  There are other shops selling fabric in my area but none can beat the good old Fabric Guild for variety and price.  The two large pieces above were only £3.75 for 3 yards and the fat quarters ranged in price from 60p to £1.75.  Fat quarters are usually at least £2.50 in most places.  I've got no idea what any of this fabric is for but I know that one day it will all be just perfect for some project or other.

I couldn't come away without some calico, 5 yards for £10.  I use tons of this stuff so I must always make sure I have plenty in stock.  It's great for so many things, linings, adding to fancy fabric as a contrast, embroidering on and just on its own, I love it made into a bag or sachet with lace and filled with lavender.  Then there are the printed fabric panels, I like the ones that have the designs in squares as show above.  This way I can cut out individual designs for all sorts of projects - £2.50 per panel.  Last but not least I buy my sewing machine thread.  I like their polycotton, a very economical thread at 60p, I don't know how many yards of this I must use in a year!


melissa sews said...

I love your fabric selections, Ann. It's been too long since I last bought fabric. Not that I'm suffering a shortage, but it's fun to bring home new beauties.

Your chocolate cake looked gorgeous, and I'll have to give the soda bread a try. I've never made any.

Monday will be my first day back at work in over a week (due to the flu) and I'm dreading it. It's been wonderful here at home with my family - even if we were sick. :) Melissa

Berit said...

How pretty they all look; I especially like the "violet vine" on the white ground. It seems like fabric is generally more expensive in the UK than it is here in the States (I think I've heard someone else tell me this. Was it you?); but then maybe the quality is inferior.