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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Baking and Stitching

My photography gets worse - think I must have a bit of a shake on just lately, maybe I should get a tripod for my camera.  I baked shortcake again yesterday, a very useful item to have in my cake tin.  If I make six at a time that means we have puddings for three days and none get wasted.  If I make more than this we get fed up with them.  This time I used the silicone muffin pan (can't call it 'tin' anymore!).  It feels really weird to put this soft, floppy pan in a hot oven.  These shortcakes turned out a lovely colour and rose really well, mainly because I used double the amount of baking powder by mistake and because the mixture was a bit dry I added a drop of milk at the end and didn't mix it in thoroughly.  They were very light and fluffy.

I'm still doing freestyle embroidery.  The light this morning was terrible until a few minutes ago and I struggled to see.  I've got my lamp with the daylight bulb on and the ceiling spotlights but it was still a struggle.  Now the sun has come out and it's much better.  This time I'm stitching what vaguely looks like cow parsley/Queen Anne's Lace, or even giant hog weed.  It'll be made up into another little pouch.  I love making these pouches, the bigger ones are useful for storage, the small ones are mainly made because I just like them.  I have several of them, big and small, scattered around my craft room and bed room.  There are several scattered around the world too!!!  I love the thought that my work is in so many countries.

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Anonymous said...

those silicon baking trays are amazing - I can't quite get my head round them and shied away from them initially. But the cake cases are brill and at the weekend I bought a silicon loaf tin to replace my very old rusty tin. I didn't expect your shortcake to look like that but they look very tasty. I've been thinking about making half quantities of cakes too - but because my husband would happily eat his 3 in one sitting ;o)

Enjoy your stitching - I like the idea that your crafts are travelling the world too! N x