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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

One Of Those Days

I just can't get myself going today.  Don't know if I'm just tired or if I've got a bit of a cold.  On Sunday I shared a stall at a craft fair with a friend.  We've had a stall at this venue several times this year.  It is a total waste of time!!!  I did manage to get the stall fee back plus a couple of quid over.  Think I'll stick with swapping and giving gifts, so look out for items next year.

I finished this Christmas decoration yesterday evening.  I didn't do the cross-stitch, have I mentioned before that Graham does fabulous cross-stitch?  Can't remember.  Anyway, about twelve years ago he wanted a new hobby and said that he remembered his grandfather doing some sort of stitching and wondered about having a go himself.  Well he really took to it, first of all doing needlepoint but then trying cross-stitch.  Now his work would win prizes I'm sure.  It is so neat, back and front.  And the projects he does are usually huge.  He does the cross-stitch and I will make this sort of design into, for instance, a hanging.

Sorry about the poor photography.

We had hoped to get into the garden and do some clearing up and planting but neither of us have felt much like it.  We did clear the sweet corn and runner beans from the raised bed.  The sweet corn did fairly well considering the terrible summer weather we had.  The cobs weren't as well formed as they should have been but at least we got some.  It was supposed to be baby sweet corn but turned out much bigger than I expected.


Anonymous said...

what a talented pair you are!
Shame about the craft fair, I guess people don't always value the time, effort and creativity that goes into making things. And it's so cheap to get 'homemade' looking stuff at the shops that the thought is lost on a lot of people. Just as well making things is as much to do with giving as it is a love of the process of being creative.

melissa sews said...

I've never had much luck with craft fairs myself, Ann. And, it was a tough year for corn in Alabama, too. You are lucky to have been successful with yours. You'll have to tell Graham I said his crosstitch is much better than mine! I love his design. :) Melissa

Berit said...

No, I had never heard that Graham was the X-stitch expert of the family–the tag I have from you is quite wonderful, which leaves me wondering how he could be any better!

I really enjoyed your photo album tour of the other day (which I read late last night) I've been on a stitching push lately, so haven't been making it around to the blogs like I'd like to be.