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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Container Veg So Far

My containers have done well and the new vegtrug has been fun to use.  The strawberry plant didn't do well, it was so wet in June that the strawberries got mouldy as they ripened so only got a couple worth eating.  The cucumber plant is growing amazingly, not had any cucumbers off it yet but there are quite a few growing nicely.  Radishes were a failure, think that was the poor weather again.  Leeks are looking good, should be able to harvest some of them soon.  There are other bits and bobs in the trug, carrots, spring onions, basil, chard, and some salad leaves I sowed the other day, just small amounts of each.  Anyway, here's a picture...

Below the trug (on the right) are carrots, they will be ready soon, they are the small, stubby type.  Beyond the carrots are some peas, sowed these later on than the ones in the big tubs so expecting to harvest some soon.  Above the trug are some cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets, lots to come on those.  Tomatoes in hanging baskets take a lot of looking after, they dry out very quickly.

On the fence on the left there is another hanging basket of tomatoes, these are tiny tomatoes, smaller than cherry types, thought they'd be interesting to grow.  Also, hanging off the fence, are two vertical growing pouches, one has the tiny tomatoes in and the other a couple of pea plants, both are doing well.  Not shown in the picture is another vertical growing pouch containing a courgette plant, it's doing well, had some courgettes off it, the round sort, very tasty.

Further into the garden I have some big tubs containing courgettes, again, had loads off those.  Peas, these did really well, had more peas from them than I got from the ones in the ground last year.  Lastly, runner beans, they aren't ready yet.

I've enjoyed my veg gardening this year, my back didn't play up once like it would if I try to garden in the ground.  It's containers for me from now on.

Laurie, thanks for you comment, I sent you an email, did you get it?