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Friday, 13 January 2012


I've been practising my knitting.  It's a really slow hobby for me, usually I like to make things that are quick but I am enjoying sitting and knitting just lately, must be an age thing!
Anyway, this is what I finished today.....
They are for a friend I go walking/bird watching with.  I was going to make her a pair like this...
I was pleased with how the fancy pattern turned out but didn't like how the glove fitted.  The pattern was from here.  So, I made up my own pattern for a more fitted glove with ribbed edges instead of garter stitch.  I was amazed at myself that I'd managed to follow that bobble pattern!  The only problem is I now have a left hand glove with no matching right hand, never mind, it was good practise.  This is the sort of thing I really, really enjoy knitting.

A bit of good news here is that my craft room will soon be smartened up and de-cluttered.  You know that I regularly whinge about the state of my craft room.  Everything is on open shelving and stacked up in boxes.  Well, I was telling Graham about a blog I'd seen and how the blogger had these fab cupboards to keep her stuff in.  We did a search to see if we could find these cupboards in England - and we did!!!  You can see here examples of the cupboards.  The one I am getting is the Midi and has fold out doors with storage bins and storage bins in the main section, not the one with the table.  What doesn't fit into this cupboard will go, after seeing this blog I just have to do something!  Later I might get another smaller unit to match but I hope that I can just manage with the one cupboard.

I decided to add the glove pattern here, after spending ages trying to work out how to get it here as a pdf - apparently you have to join other things on websites to be able to do this, just can't be bothered to do that just now.  So here's the pattern...

Fits an average sized hand 
The finished gloves weigh 20 grams but 25 grams will be enough to be sure (that’s about 1 ounce of yarn)
I used double knitting yarn 
Needle sizes 10 and 8 
Cast on 40 sts 
Knit 1 Purl 1 rib and stocking stitch used 
Rib 7 rows using the smaller needles 
St St 15 rows using bigger needles (to get a left and right glove start this section with a purl row for one glove then a knit row for the other glove) 
On row 16 carry on in st st to last 7 stitches and put these stitches on a holder. 
St st 2 rows 
On next row cast on 7 stitches at the beginning of the row 
St st 6 rows 
Rib 5 rows with smaller needles 
Cast off in rib 
For the thumb –  use bigger needles and with right side facing pick up 9 stitches plus the 7 on the holder (16 stitches in total)
Knit 5 rows st st 
Rib 4 rows with smaller needles 
Cast off in rib

Sew up the thumb section first then the main section