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Wednesday, 15 December 2010


There's not much going on around here lately.  I've been doing a bit of sewing, a bit of card making, sending Christmas cards, Christmas decorating and that's about it, apart from the usual housework type things.  So, there aren't really any craft/baking/gardening pictures to show.

Yesterday I did get a nice bunch of flowers from my son and daughter-in-law, beautiful colours.

And Graham bought this lovely half cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop
Well it was my birthday!!!

Must be the time of year that's putting me off a bit.  And the weather, it's been so dull and the daylight hours seem very short, not good enough light for any embroidery.  

I know my craft room could do with a good reorganisation again - it's in a right mess, things out everywhere.  Even after my big cull earlier this year I still have too much stuff for the size of the room.  After Christmas I'll spend some time tidying it up again, until then I'll just ignore it!!!

Monday, 6 December 2010

New Shoes

First, an apology, I didn't notice that blogger now does a spam filter, of course some genuine comments ended up in the wrong place, I've now sorted it out - sorry if your comment hadn't appeared, I do enjoy reading them.

For quite a few years now I've had trouble finding comfortable shoes.  I can no longer wear anything with heels and the width has to be quite roomy.  It was years before I eventually sought medical advice about my feet and, as usual with me, the NHS doctor I go to was no help at all.  I don't think I make enough fuss with doctors, they just don't take me seriously, but that is beside the point here.  Anyway, I eventually went to a private hospital and saw an excellent podiatrist who diagnosed me with Morton's neuromaThis is an extremely painful condition and it prevented me from doing much walking so I rapidly became very unfit.  I used to walk a lot and would think nothing of walking instead of getting a bus anywhere.  The podiatrist gave me two cortisone injections in my right foot.  This did help and I can now be on my feet for quite a length of time before I feel any discomfort.  But - I do have to be careful about my footwear.

A couple of weeks ago I visited a mill shop at Moffat and bought some lovely, comfy shoes

They are Hotter shoes and are wonderful.  I used to wear very fashionable shoes and that could have added to the problem with my feet, apparently the bones in my feet are naturally too close together (I do have a trouble with my spine too).  Nowadays I don't care how fashionable my shoes are as long as they are comfortable.  This can be quite a nuisance when it comes to wearing skirts and dresses but I think my new shoes will look fine.

One of my aunts, who was quite superstitious, said that putting shoes on a table would cause a death.  I'm not superstitious so I'm not bothered by this but I did look it up (on the internet of course).  One theory as to how this superstition came about is from when photography was first used.  Apparently the deceased would be photographed and so would have their shoes on while lying on a table - thus the superstition came about.  Ridiculous!!!

Thursday, 2 December 2010


I don't really feel like doing anything much at the moment.  Does the cold and the snow have an effect on motivation - I don't know.

Even going outside the back door is an effort.

This is a main road into Nottingham and it's rarely this quiet.

Looking out over the back gardens wondering how the birds are coping, we have put bird seed out but the dunnocks, who feed on the ground, must be struggling.

I have been doing some sewing, still making dolls clothes but very slowly.  I seem to spend a lot of time just watching the snow!!!  And having a snooze in the afternoon!

Maybe this spell of snowy weather won't last and in a couple of days it will all disappear, we've been spoiled by the recent mild winters.  One thing I have enjoyed is our wood burning stove, it's lovely to have a real fire in the evenings.  And I must admit, we've been leaving the heating on 24 hours a day.  Some of my friends haven't been having their heating on during the day, I don't know how they can stand it and I'm sure just having the gas fire going all day is as expensive as having the central heating on.