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Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Fair Weather Gardener

This past few years that is what I have become - a fair weather gardener.  I did think that having my polytunnel would encourage me to get out there during the winter, but no, I only recently went and checked how things were doing up there.  Today was the first day I have actually done anything.  A bit of tidying up of the broad beans I sowed last autumn, with a bit of luck I'll have some pods developing soon as there are lots of flowers on them.  Removed the radishes that didn't develop well at all and are covered in aphids.  The peas look a bit rough but we'll see what happens with what has survived.  Amazingly the carrots have done brilliantly, for me anyway...
I did throw away this many again that were damaged by pests, slugs probably.  These are the biggest carrots I've ever grown, in fact these are the only successful carrots I've ever grown.  So, the polytunnel is excellent for growing carrots but not radish.  There are a few other veg growing happily in there.  The brassicas I put in are huge, trouble is I can't remember if they are cabbages or cauliflower!  My next problem will be how to get rid of the aphids that have also done well in there, well, they would wouldn't they, a lovely protected winter home for them - damn!!!