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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Short Sleeved Cardigan

Our summers rarely get very hot so I usually have to wear a cardigan or light jacket over a short sleeved top when I go out.  Also, I get a bit cold around the neck, this is where a thin scarf helps.
I rarely wear white tops or cardigans, they look a bit like uniforms, but this little knitted cardi comes in very handy during the summer and it hides most of the top of my arms (which now look old, yes, I know, they are old!).  The scarf is light enough to wear to stop any coolness making me feel uncomfortable.  Here's a close up of it...
These narrow, pleated scarves are really handy for the summer.  I have several of them, all bought from charity shops.  I found two more yesterday, only 99p each.  I always wash them before wearing, they tend to smell of the perfume the previous owners wore.

Talking of vintage, I watched on Wednesday on channel 4 at 8 pm.  Really enjoyed the programme.  It was aimed at people much younger than I am but well worth watching at any age.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Blues And Red

I think a paler cardigan would have looked nicer than this very dark navy blue one.  Or even a linen mix jacket like the cream one I bought recently.  The canvas jeans match the blue in the tee shirt but they do tend to bag at the knee after wearing them for a short time...
I used the red, charity shop, bag and the new red shoes hoping it would match in with the red stripe in the top.  It is a comfortable outfit to wear, though I did have to use a belt on the jeans, they fit perfectly on the hips but the waist is a bit big and they tend to slip down without the belt.  Trouble is a size 14 (UK) is tight on the waist and the 16 (UK) is big.  Never mind, I'd rather have the comfort of a wider waist.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Orange Accessories

Orange isn't a colour I usually choose but this jacket and the trousers needed something to brighten it up.  I saw the bag and then the scarf in a charity shop and straight away decided to try orange for a change.  Both together, the bag and scarf, came to less than £5.  The bag is great to use, it looks smallish but holds plenty, think it is the long, shallow design that makes it seem roomy..
Not sure if I like the style of the scarf, those bobbles around the edge make the scarf fabric sort of billow out.  I'll look out for another orange scarf that hangs smoother.  The patterned top is quite a good match to the jacket and trousers, plus it has a bit of colour in it.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Talking of Hats...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm looking out for a hat that is quite understated so that the hat doesn't become the most noticeable thing I'm wearing.  Most hats I've seen (and bought) all have high crowns.  Here are my hats...
This is a very useful rain hat, doesn't stand out too much when I'm wearing it.

This is showerproof and has a wider brim that keeps rain off my glasses, and it's quite warm.

I like this little grey felt hat, nice and warm and quite unobtrusive to wear, wish it came in other colours.

This sunhat has had a lot of use, it folds up for putting into my handbag and the brim is nice and wide to keep the sun off.

Haven't worn this one yet, a bit prettier than the previous hat.

I bought this plain straw hat so that I can put ribbon/fabric around the crown to match what I'd be wearing.

Couldn't resist this one - a hat in a bag!

The brim is huge!  Might feel a bit self conscious in this one.

I've got several knitted/crochet hats as well.  Oh dear, I do get a bit carried away!  I'll still treat myself if I see another one I like though.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Navy Blue And Red Outfit

Yesterday was a lovely day so rather than wearing my winter cagoule I was able to go to meet friends for coffee wearing a jacket...
 We sat on the patio outside the coffee shop in the sunshine.  I wished I'd worn a hat, the sun was very strong and my scalp gets sunburnt easily, I'd like a flatter style of hat, something that doesn't have a high crown, a hat similar to what they wore in the 1930s/40s/50s, I don't want it to be the only thing that is noticeable about what I'm wearing, which hats can be.