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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Short Sleeved Cardigan

Our summers rarely get very hot so I usually have to wear a cardigan or light jacket over a short sleeved top when I go out.  Also, I get a bit cold around the neck, this is where a thin scarf helps.
I rarely wear white tops or cardigans, they look a bit like uniforms, but this little knitted cardi comes in very handy during the summer and it hides most of the top of my arms (which now look old, yes, I know, they are old!).  The scarf is light enough to wear to stop any coolness making me feel uncomfortable.  Here's a close up of it...
These narrow, pleated scarves are really handy for the summer.  I have several of them, all bought from charity shops.  I found two more yesterday, only 99p each.  I always wash them before wearing, they tend to smell of the perfume the previous owners wore.

Talking of vintage, I watched on Wednesday on channel 4 at 8 pm.  Really enjoyed the programme.  It was aimed at people much younger than I am but well worth watching at any age.

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