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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Talking of Hats...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm looking out for a hat that is quite understated so that the hat doesn't become the most noticeable thing I'm wearing.  Most hats I've seen (and bought) all have high crowns.  Here are my hats...
This is a very useful rain hat, doesn't stand out too much when I'm wearing it.

This is showerproof and has a wider brim that keeps rain off my glasses, and it's quite warm.

I like this little grey felt hat, nice and warm and quite unobtrusive to wear, wish it came in other colours.

This sunhat has had a lot of use, it folds up for putting into my handbag and the brim is nice and wide to keep the sun off.

Haven't worn this one yet, a bit prettier than the previous hat.

I bought this plain straw hat so that I can put ribbon/fabric around the crown to match what I'd be wearing.

Couldn't resist this one - a hat in a bag!

The brim is huge!  Might feel a bit self conscious in this one.

I've got several knitted/crochet hats as well.  Oh dear, I do get a bit carried away!  I'll still treat myself if I see another one I like though.


Peggy said...

Ann, I'm smiling while reading your post! Such a collection of hats of all shapes and sizes and all very nice too, I have never seen the hat in a bag but it would be good for holidays if the sun shone!

Theanne Crossett said...

Love your hats...the hat in a bag is absolutely marvelous :)