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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Blues And Red

I think a paler cardigan would have looked nicer than this very dark navy blue one.  Or even a linen mix jacket like the cream one I bought recently.  The canvas jeans match the blue in the tee shirt but they do tend to bag at the knee after wearing them for a short time...
I used the red, charity shop, bag and the new red shoes hoping it would match in with the red stripe in the top.  It is a comfortable outfit to wear, though I did have to use a belt on the jeans, they fit perfectly on the hips but the waist is a bit big and they tend to slip down without the belt.  Trouble is a size 14 (UK) is tight on the waist and the 16 (UK) is big.  Never mind, I'd rather have the comfort of a wider waist.


Peggy said...

Very stylish Ann! I don't think you could have gone for any other colour on top as the stripes would be hard to match up colourwise.

Theanne Crossett said...

A very nice looking outfit Ann! I rather like the jacket, it all goes together quite well!