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Sunday, 31 March 2013

More Stitching

First of all - I'm sorry that I didn't check my comments, I had comments that weren't posted to my blog for some reason.  I don't have comments on moderation so not sure why they didn't appear.  Sorry Theanne and Peggy.

I've been making some project bags again.  I gave a tutorial on these quite a while ago that I have now put onto a PDF if you would like a copy.
The reason I've made these is for the group I belong to.  We are doing monthly stitch-alongs. 
Each month a member comes up with a project and whoever signs up will get the tutorial.
As well as mine being a tutorial for the bag it also includes the idea for trying variations on a stitch - in this case it is chain stitch.
While I was researching chain stitch I saw a fab design that I just had to try

It was from the same site as the chain stitch instructions and is called Jacobean Jumble and was something really different for me.

I got a bit carried away with the chain stitch variation 'double chain stitch' and made another bag!

I don't know how many of these bags I've made, it is well over a dozen, probably as many as twenty.  They are useful for keeping things together, I tend to end up with bits and pieces that don't have a home, like my hair clips, rollers, hair bands etc, now they have their own bag instead of being scattered all over my bathroom.  Originally I made them for keeping my current project in.  I also keep my interfacing in one.  Anything that needs to be kept together in fact.  They are also nice to give away.