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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Vegetable Gardening (but I have a bad back)

For twenty years now I've struggled to garden because of my 'bad back'.  Bending over or crouching down would set my back off and I'd be seized up for a fortnight.  It is very frustrating.  I asked my husband several years ago to make me a raised bed, which he did.  Unfortunately I didn't supervise the making of it!  He made a fab raised bed but it was so big I couldn't reach the middle, I could only plant around the outside edge.  This year he could see that my struggle to grow veg was not working and he redesigned this bed, turning it into two narrower ones.  Then he treated me to a Veg Trug .  It should have arrived yesterday, I hung around all day waiting for it.  Will it arrived today I wonder, there was supposed to be an email notification giving me an hour delivery slot but still haven't heard anything.  I'm also going to be growing things in window boxes and pots that are raised to a suitable height on bricks.  All I'm waiting for now is some decent growing weather, it is very cold at night, last night the temperature was down to 1C.

These are some of the seeds I've sown and transferred from the house to the green house...

Cut and come again lettuce mixture

Boltardy beetroot


I still have other seedlings indoors, broccoli, tomato, courgette, peas.  The broccoli is the sprouting purple type.  The tomatoes are cherry and one I haven't tried before that has really tiny fruits.  The courgettes are the round ones in addition to the normal shaped ones shown above.  The tomatoes and round courgettes I will be growing in hanging pouches, looking forward to seeing if this works, I did want to grow them in Topsy Turvy type pots but I had these pouches handy so will use those.

Here's hoping the weather picks up soon and that my veg trug arrives so that I can get out there.