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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Winter Flowering Jasmine

This scrawny looking climber is in a pot and is growing up the fence outside my back door, what I like to call my back door patio area.  All summer it just looks like bare twigs with maybe a few small, pointed leaves on it.  Then suddenly it will start to flower.  One day there is nothing then I'll look outside and it has these beautiful, bright yellow, flowers on it.  It will keep flowering right up until the rest of the garden starts to wake up and it will go back to sleep again.

We thought we'd try begonias in the hanging baskets and window boxes this year.

Yes, the flowers were spectacular but the leaves soon ended up a tattered mess.  I think this was because of the torrential rain that we kept getting, it battered these poor plants and spoiled the look of the baskets.  Most years we have fuchsias in our baskets, tubs and troughs but we do like to have a bit of a change.  Each time we get to the end of a summer when we haven't used fuchsias we always say that next summer we'll go back to fuchsias.


Anonymous said...

lovely flowers Ann. I love jasmine and was given a plant by a friend once. Billy our white cat ate all the leaves so it didn't stand a chance!

mangocheeks said...

So lovely to still have some colour.

When I was a child my mothe would often cover us with talcum scented with Jasmine. I came to dislike it for some odd reason, but a couple of years ago, I re-disovered the scent and fell in love with it. I bought a jasmine plant, but it has never flowered. Maybe one-day.

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, you have lots of posts since I last had time to be on the computer!We are back to some normality now at last so I have spent this morning catching up on blogs.Everyone has been so busy!Your craft room looks so tidy and very conducive to work.I love the mouse from the same pattern as the hens that was very inventive.