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Monday, 30 November 2009

A New Tablecloth

The patchwork design on this tablecloth isn't very good I know.  I bought a fat quarter of each of the fabrics quite some time ago because I absolutely loved the colours and designs.  I cut out the patches you see at the front and the back of the table but then realised I didn't really have enough left to do more with, so, as usual, it got put away.  Occasionally I would get it out and look at it, wondering what I could do.  Yesterday I decided I would just go for it and make it all up into a tablecloth for my kitchen table.  That way it would actually get used up and I would be able to admire the fabric every day.  The binding doesn't quite match the other fabrics but it's good enough - I'm not trying to win any prizes with it and I won't be entering it as an exam piece, I just want to enjoy it.  (Not that I take exams in anything any more!!!)


Patti said...

Ann I love your tablecloth. I am so into quilting now it just isn't true and I am soooo divided between the two things - stitching and quilting. Did your TTE ever turn up? So far mine hasn't - neither of them and I am gutted.
Patti xxx

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, your tablecloth is beautiful and I am sure none of your guests will be examing the stitching! It has a very vintage look to it too which is also a very festive look .

Anonymous said...

it must be lovely to dine off your own creation. You're obviously tidier eaters than we are - it would stay that beautiful in my house!

mangocheeks said...

I honestly adore it.

Berit said...

Oh, how gorgeous it is! You have wonderful taste in fabrics. Any chance you'll tell us what the pattern is?