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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Bit of Baking & A Bit of a Rant

I found this recipe here and had to try it.  It's called Lemon Squares but I would call mine Lemon Slices.  I thought it would be sickly sweet because it takes a 300ml tin of condensed milk but it isn't.  I was also worried that it would rot my teeth but decided that if I clean them immediately after eating this I would get away with it - my dentist is very strict and is not afraid to give her victims patients a good talking to.

Now for the bit of a rant.  I enjoy visiting this blog.  The blogger seems a very enterprising sort of person.  I know I wouldn't get on with her in real life though and I'd decided that before I read her posting today.  I shall still read her blog as it can be very entertaining.  But - she lives on the other side of the Looking Glass to me.

I view life quite innocently and I enjoy an innocent way of living. This doesn't mean I'm naive, I just like to have my life filled with simple pleasures and activities.  On the other side of the Looking Glass to me are the perverts, the debauched and the decadent.  And the just plain puzzling.  I am just plain puzzled as to why someone would serve human breast milk as a delicacy at a dinner party!!!  Maybe next time the guests will be invited to bring a bottle of their own urine instead of a bottle of their own wine.

You can probably tell, this has upset me a great deal.  Where will it end, I can just see a herd of women being led to the milking shed.  TV chefs will be recommending which herd produces the best milk and should it be free range or factory produced.  It makes me shudder.

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Peggy said...

Oh Ann...I followed the link,I am speechless??!!