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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New Outfit

It's my birthday soon and usually I choose craft stuff for my birthday and Christmas presents.  This year I'm having a bit of a change and I chose this outfit for my birthday.  We just happened to be in Sainsbury's yesterday and they were having a 25% off clothing sale.  After a good search round I decided on these trousers.  They are dark brown with a faint stripe.  A bit more looking at the tops and I decided on this one.  It looks great on the hanger but I'm not really certain if it's me, the neck feels a bit awkward.  With the 25% off the outfit came to £25, not bad I think.  I've had a bit of trouble with clothes recently.  Up until about five years ago my weight was pretty stable, then it suddenly started to increase and I ended up at 11 stone.  All my nice clothes didn't fit any more and I got rid of them.  It was a tough thing to do.  I did manage to get down to 10 stone but it keeps creeping back up to 10 stone 6 pounds.  At 5 feet 5 inches it doesn't look too bad but it always goes on my stomach so my waistbands are really tight.  Don't think I'll ever get back to eight and half/ nine stone again.  So, now I just buy easily affordable clothes, it's no use paying a lot because they might not fit me for long, not that I ever spent huge amounts in the first place.


Karina said...

nice outfit, i like combination:)
thanks for visiting my blog:) can you send me your contact detail pls( to send you your gift when it'll be ready:)) my email is in profile. thanks

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, it is a nice casual warm outfit which you could wear anywhere.I never spend a lot on clothes except for a special occasion and even then I would buy one good item and dress it up with cheaper accessories etc.I hope you have a great birthday when it comes around.

Anonymous said...

sainsburys is ace for togs - I bought some lovely cords there recently having expanded out of several of my jeans this year. There's nothing worse than uncomfortable clothes to make you feel frumpy so out with the old in with the new and don't fret over the numbers. Your 2 inches taller than me and only a few lbs heavier so if I'm your size when I'm retired I'll be very happy. Have a great birthday Ann (and don't let it sneak by without telling us ;o)