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Monday, 7 December 2009

Todays Project

Still messing around with my sewing machine stitches and this is what I came up with today.  It's another wardrobe hangie with lavender in it.  When I've made this style of heart before I've done a bit of hand embroidery on it.  Hand embroidery looks much nicer I think but it's nice to try something a bit different.  First I machined two strips of fabric together, then I did three rows of fancy machine stitching on the plain side.  When I marked the heart out I put it on the fabric at angle so that the embroidery ended up diagonally across one corner - I like that look.  After machine stitching all the way around the heart shape, I cut a slit in the back, turned it right side out and stuffed it with wadding and lavender then used ladder stitch to close the slit.  This way the heart looks neat from the front and it's easier to stitch closed.

This picture of the inside of the floss wallet is to show Peggy exactly what a floss wallet is.  I know that in the UK we call floss embroidery thread and if you do an internet search for floss it will come up with dental floss too!!!  This particular style of wallet is extremely quick to make and can double up as a sewing roll - floss one end and other supplies in the pocket at the other end.


Anonymous said...

i like that look too :o)

mangocheeks said...

Oh you are so talented. I wonder when I will get the time to knit and sew. For now, I will continue to admire your lovely work.