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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Winter Flowers

The back of my house faces north west, so after about the time the clocks go back it doesn't get any sunlight.  To give a bit of cheerfulness out there I like to have some winter flowering plants in the window boxes.  I have tried winter flowering pansies but never had any luck with them, after a while they just stop flowering.  Last year I thought I would try cyclamen and they did incredibly well and flowered from November until the summer.  I decided on the pink coloured ones to give brightness and these are what I've got again this year.  Outside the kitchen window is a bright pink.

Outside the dining room window is this very pale pink, almost white.  They both have the lovely darker edge to them.  They really are a sight for sore eyes.  There are three in each window box and have masses of flowers on them and loads of buds.  I've never had any luck keeping them from one year to the next so I buy new plants each year.  I'm not sure if they are an outdoor variety but, because I put them out before the cold weather really starts, they seem to cope well with all temperatures.

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Peggy said...

Hi Ann, I have cyclamen still flowering too. I bought them back in August and was suprised they lasted through the wind and storms. I was delighted you had them last all winter.Thanks for explaining the floss wallet,Floss to me is dental!!