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Friday, 11 December 2009

From Australia

I received a package from Fiona in New South Wales, yesterday.  This was for the humbug exchange on the Tiny Treasures Too Exchange blog.  Fiona did her humbug in canvas work and it is like a beautiful jewel.  She also sent me some Christmas themed fabric and a lovely note card.  The humbug was wrapped in the fabric and tied with a beautiful length of ribbon, I'll be using this ribbon in some crafty way too.

I went to Dunelm Mill, as I'd mentioned yesterday, and did a bit more Christmas shopping.  I just couldn't resist this snoozing cat doorstop, I'll be giving it to my DS and DIL.  I could probably have made one, I know I have a pattern somewhere, but this one looked so cute and it was the last cat left (they had lots of shapes).  When I got it home I realised why it was the last one, you might be able to see that one of the hearts is coming unravelled - a bit of repair work needed there.  You might notice some beads in the background of this picture.  I was making some wine glass charms as a gift and it got me in the mood for a bit of jewellery making.  Well not jewellery exactly but handbag charms and scissor fobs.  A couple of years ago I was given a lot of unwanted necklaces and earrings.  I'm not sure whose it was originally but there is some quite unusual stuff, some of it perfect for charms and fobs.  That will be my project for today, great as extra little gifts.


Patti said...

WOW I love what you got - the pendible and the fabric and ribbon. I practically never go to Dunelm Mill but I love what you got from there.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Anonymous said...

how lovely to receive pressies from far flung places.
The doorstep is sure to be a hit with DS (I'm a cat mum though so I would say that!)

Margeeth said...

I like that cat doorstop, I can imagine you not being to resist it.
Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

Karina said...

Lovely exchange:) and adorable cat:)

I just received your RAK. it's adorable and i absolutely love it. Will post photos tomorrow in my blog :) thanks alot

Peggy said...

Hi Ann,we had our wedding so I have not had time to blog for some time and I also mislaid my glasses for a few days so I was very restricted in what I could do!The cake looks great and I like the additions you made to it, I will pass them on to Aisling.Your gifts look beautiful and I am sure you have a project lined up to use the fabric already.

mangocheeks said...

Beautiful gifts. You encouraged me to go out and get my own doorstop cat. There were so many other options inc a Teapot and Russian doll, but I liked the cat, so have one of my very own - she sleeps a lot though :D