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Thursday, 31 December 2009

A Quiet Day

I've got nothing planned for today so it will be a stitching day.  Yesterday we went to a nearby retail park and checked out the sales.  The traffic on the new, improved road was backed up right across the traffic lights junction, so it's not that improved after all is it!!!  All I bought was a computer game and some socks, three pairs for £1 (what a cheapskate!).  Then we went to Morrisons for a few bits of food and ended up stocking up on things for the freezer and some beer that was on special offer (not for me, I very rarely drink alcohol, though I did enjoy a glass of Bellini, it smelled just like tinned peaches, I did enjoy that).  The two days previous to that we had been invited to friends houses and had an enjoyable few hours socializing.  The trouble is, if I go out too much I feel really tired and that is how I feel today.
Above is a picture of the initials I want to stitch, I thought if I get a few done they will come in handy for future projects.  The fabric is 14 count Rustico Aida and the thread I'm using is a DMC (3726). 

Lately I've been using linen and evenweave fabric for my stitching and this Drawn Thread design is being stitch on 32 count evenweave using a gorgeous thread I got from Jean, when we did the Tiny Treasures floss tag exchange, and is called Sweets by Jessica Burr and the Organic Fruit Salad shade, it is hand dyed.  I don't usually use this sort of posh thread so it's a big change for me.
The reason I've got two stitching projects on the go is because the evenweave type fabric makes my eyes tired whereas the Aida type fabric doesn't.  Though I do prefer the look of the evenweave.
Also in the pictures is the cup and saucer I got from my DS and DIL for Christmas, it came with a plate, milk jug, sugar basin and two tier cake stand, I absolutely love it!


Peggy said...

HI Ann, I love the tea service pattern.Sales are on everywhere and traffic is backed up trying to get into shopping centres here too!Don't forget to tell us what the 2 cute little knitted items were?
Happy New year to You and Graham.

Berit said...

Wonderful stitching you're starting, there!!

Ben is too adorable; thanks for sharing pics. I so wish we had a cat here with us.

Oh, boy does that tea look good--or is it just the beautiful cup? In any case, I think I'll scoot to the kitchen and steep myself a nice cup, too!