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Saturday, 19 December 2009

My Computer........... out of action so I'm having to use DH's laptop.  I've been without my computer now for about a week, perhaps a bit less.  The first thing I noticed was that my Outlook Express had stopped working.  After a lot of messing about I realised that Internet Explorer was out of action too, apprently this was what was causing Outlook Express to stop working.  Usually I use Google Chrome so I hadn't noticed this problem with Internet Explorer.  After a lot of messing about trying to find out what the problem was I decided to do a repair in safe mode but the problem was beyond my capabilities.  I got in touch with a computer engineer and he came and collected the tower and my disks.  It could be after Christmas before I get it back.  I'm lucky to be able to use this laptop but none of my software is on it, that means no pictures for my blog!  I have my computer in my craft room and it is my constant companion - I miss it very much.  While I'm doing my crafting it is there humming away and telling me when an email arrives.  During my frequent breaks I sit at it and visit blogs or read the online newspapers.  I get a lot of inspiration and motivation from the sites I visit and I've 'met' a lot of really lovely people.  Having pen-friends was never something I could get into but having email-friends is a different matter.  I've sent gifts and swaps to at least eight different countries and have received many lovely swaps in return.  I want to do more of this next year and have already 'spoken' to Marion about a New Year swap.  I'm also on a PIF list of Karina's.  I've never participated in a PIF (Pay It Forward) so I'm looking forward to that, not exactly sure of the rules yet but will find out from Karina exactly what to do.  Really I prefer RAKs (Random Act of Kindness), I get stressed easily and deadlines make me panic a bit but with RAKs I can just make and send when it suits me.

I'm almost ready for Christmas, just a bit of tidying up to do and a few gifts to wrap.  This evening we have friends coming round, I'm taking the easy option with food this year and have bought in lots of finger food, I don't have the energy anymore to do all the work a buffet entails.  All I've made is mince pies.  Then on Tuesday we have another set of friends coming and I will do the same then too.  Life if much easier these days now that you can buy in all these lovely, fancy foods, it would have taken days to prepare all the different savouries and sweets I've stocked up with - that is if I could have got all the ingredients!  I still find it amazing the variety of foods you can buy these days, when I look back to when we were first married in the 1960s I'd never heard or seen a lot of what is in the supermarkets today.  I love it!


Cindy said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

Truly understand your feeling towards your computer. My computer is something that I have to switch on and work with on a daily basis.

Exchanges are indeed fun and addictive.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family :D

Patti said...

Well at least you have made mince pies. I buy mine from M&S! I LOVE M&S. And they aren't even that much more expensive than other places anymore I'm delighted to say. I hope you have a lovely stree-free Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Patti said...

I meant to type STRESS-FREE!!! Sounds like you are going to anyway as am I.
Typing Challenged Patti xxx

Berit said...

I agree with you whole heartedly regarding both the computer separation AND the stress of deadlines! I've got an exchange coming up with a mailing deadline of January 31st (for Valentine's Day), and am already stressing I *think* I've finished the stitching, but not the finishing. Well, for me, I have poor time management (as they say) and either get things done VERY early and then gloat to myself about it, or Very Late and make myself miserable about it. I can see how a RAK is a good thing.

Please enjoy your company; I like your idea of finger foods for ease in entertaing!

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, no point in stressing over visitors as it ruins your enjoyment of having them over. I am sure they will be delighted with your finger food and a stress free hostess who has time to sit and chat.
I hope you computer does not have anything 'serious' and you will have it back soon.