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Sunday, 6 December 2009

An Experiment

It might not seem much of experiment to you but this floss wallet is a first for me.  My sewing machine has eighty five different stitch designs on it, just the sort that stitch in rows, not one of those really expensive machines that does motifs.  When I bought this machine I thought I would use them a lot and I haven't.  Sometimes I feel so guilty for paying all that money for a machine and then not using it to it's full potential.  Today, when I was wondering what fabric to use for yet another floss wallet, I decided that it's time to get my money's worth from all these designs.  This is my first effort.  I'm quite pleased with it, plus I was able to use ribbon as the fastening.  Usually I don't like ribbon on these sort of things but I think it goes fine with the embroidery.  That's another Christmas gift made!  My next project is going to be lavender hangies, another gift for a friend who doesn't do any sewing but does love handmade things.

I got four made, not sure if I like them much but will make more and choose the best as gifts and the rest can go in my wardrobe.


Anonymous said...

they're gorgeous Ann - you're a constant source of inspiration. My machine has 21 stitches but the first 7 are just a normal stitch as far as I can tell. The mind boggles at what yours must do!

Peggy said...

Hi Ann,your first time experiment is looking great! Your patience in working with such small pieces always amazes me.I am sure any of your friends would be delighted to get you wonderful handmade gifts. I am wondering what exactly is a floss wallet?

Berit said...

These are all so lovely! I can't fathom why you're not sure if you like them!