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Monday, 23 November 2009

Embroidered Garden

I'm in the mood for a bit of freestyle embroidery.  My favourite is flowers and I've stitched several variations of the little garden scene you can see on this pouch.

I can't get a decent close up that shows the detail, probably my camera but more likely my photography skills.  I wanted to show what stitches I'd used, all there is on here is mostly straight stitching and French knots, with the occasional detached chain stitch - easy.  I find this kind of embroidery really quick to do and, as I've said before, I usually stitch on calico.  I have got some proper silk fabric that I keep meaning to use but when I decide to do freestyle I just grab a bit of available fabric and stitch, then afterwards wonder why I didn't get some of the silk out to do it on.  I don't use a hoop or a frame while I'm stitching.  It's kind of like doodling with needle and thread. Have a go and just stitch, you'll be surprised at the result.  Don't worry about being perfect and don't unpick anything.  Start off with some stems and add French knots, then embellish from there with a few scattered stitches.


Berit said...

This just oozes charm; I love the lavender (I do hope it is lavender...the lovely purple sprays "third" from right.

I'm having a smidgen of a Giveaway on my blog this week; I'd be honored if you'd stop by in a spare moment. :)

Anonymous said...

I recognise that lovely yellow fabric ;o) Your stitching is so gorgeous Ann. I've still not made it to my needle and thread - too much chopping, boiling and stirring to do. Have made Christmas chutney this week which barely made a dent in the pumpkins and apples but filled the kitchen with christmas smells. The puddings are boiling as I type with a distinct lack of smell because they're so tightly wrapped to keep the water out. And just experimented with mint jelly, my favourite but couldn't find a recipe so made it up (with great success thankfully!).