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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

First Swap Received

Mangocheeks at Allotment 2 Kitchen sent me this delicious mulled wine plum jam in exchange for a chicken in a bag - that was quick wasn't it!!!  As soon as I'd unwrapped it Graham had to try it, he mostly said "mmmmmm"  so you can imagine, he loved it.  I was going to have some with bread but decided that it would do very nicely as part of our desert this evening and served it with a frangipane tart and ice cream, gorgeous!
I've got the packaged chicken and bag ready to be posted tomorrow, I wonder if it will be welcome in it's new home?


Anonymous said...

wow you girls didn't waste any time. mmmmmm, from me too ;o)

Berit said...

Boy does that look good! Lucky you.:) I'm sure the chicken will be greatly loved. :D

mangocheeks said...

My little chicken arrived snug as a bug to her new home, where she will be loved. She may not lay eggs, but I really do adore her. Thank you Ann.

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