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Friday, 20 November 2009

A Mouse

Using the same humbug shape as the chicken, I made this mouse.  So far I've made pincushions, bags, Christmas decorations, chickens and now a mouse from the same pattern.  Now that is what I call a versatile pattern!  If the battery on my camera didn't run out so quickly I'd make a tutorial for my blog like some generous bloggers do.  I wish I had a camera that I could recharge on a plug-in charger, but I haven't.  Batteries that you can charge are next to useless too, a couple of pictures and they run out.  If anyone knows of good batteries that you can charge let me know.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing today.  We are waiting in for a spotter scope to be delivered.  You can guarantee that if we go out for five minutes it will arrive and we'll have to arrange for it to be delivered another day.  We've got binoculars but I've always fancied a spotter scope.  Graham did a lot of surfing the web looking for bargains (I think this is a hobby of his but he doesn't realise it, he's a much better shopper than I am).  We did order the same scope from another company and when it hadn't arrived after about a week he phoned them.  They were out of stock and hadn't let us know - I just hate it when that happens.  We might go to Willington tomorrow, depending on the weather.

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Berit said...

Oh, my gosh this little mousey is just to die for!! I love everything; the colours--too cute!!! i would so love how to make him, indeed.

As for the camera batteries, we had the exact same problem until we tried Sanyo's Eneloop. They are rechargeables with a slower self-discharge rate that NiMH or NiCads. They are also good for digicams that really like to chug the juice and so normal batteries (not these or lithium) are rejected by it as empty when they are really about 30-40% remaining. We bought ours from Amazon, here's a link to them on Amazon UK:

Seriously, these are such a help. Before, we had to take the batteries out when not in use simply to be able to use the camera more than once between charges.