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Friday, 30 October 2009

Home Styles

In one of the cupboards in my bedroom I have a lot of home decorating/style books.  I don't think I've ever really made up my mind what my style is.  Most of the walls in my house are pale and my bedroom has pale walls and soft furnishings.  Since fleece blankets became easily available I've done away with duvet quilts.  I hate duvets because they are impossible to wash in my washing machine so was always buying new ones.  I wash things a lot.  Now my bed looks much neater with sheets, fleece blankets and a nice bedspread.  

Hanging off the lamp in this picture is a necklace, one of those sort that you can buy in the supermarkets these days.  Unfortunately I can't wear jewellery that has nickel in it but I love jewellery so use it to just hang around the bedroom.

The other side of the bed has a chest of drawers next to it.  The two flower pictures you see are embroidered.  The orange one is of cross-stitched pansies, I think done with one strand, I didn't stitch it.  The other picture is a bouquet of flowers done in normal embroidery, I did stitch this one.  I'm never happy with how I display things.  I would like one of those wooden free standing mirrors on this chest of drawers so will be on the look out for one.

If I could afford it I think I would have a new look in each room every year.  Recently I've admired the shabby chic look, I'd have to buy the furniture ready done though, I haven't got the energy for all the work needed to shabby-up furniture!


Nita said...

You have a style - it's eclectic!
Neat idea to use costume jewelry as a furniture accent - I think that's the first time I've seen that.
Your bedroom looks all soft and cuddly - just right for sleeping in.

melissa sews said...

You have great decorating style, Ann! I love your bedroom. I, too, use a muted background and add accents to jazz things up a bit. That way I can change things easily enough.

I also enjoyed your previous post. These days it seems I never get a day off. I would love to spend a day sitting in front of my sewing machine. That would be my idea of the perfect day off. :) Melissa