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Thursday, 1 October 2009

More Cupcakes

We got home yesterday after spending ten days in Norfolk, we had beautiful weather and enjoyed the break at the seaside.  While I was there I visited a little craft village at Taverham.  At a shop called The Kitchenary I bought some bigger piping nozzles for my attempts at decorating cupcakes.  Above is my latest trial.  This time I tried the Rolo Cupcakes from here .  I made the cakes from the recipe on the afore mentioned blog but used the butter cream recipe from the latest Sainsbury's magazine because I wanted to try a butter cream icing that had cream cheese in it and it worked out very nice.  The Rolo Cupcakes themselves were a bit disappointing, this is probably my fault not the original blogger's.  The problem I had was that the Rolo melted through and stuck to the bottom of the paper case so there was no Rolo in the middle.  Also, the cake itself was a bit dry, it wasn't as fluffy as the cake in my last recipe.  I know that adding coco tends to do this to the cake mix.  Overall it was a very tasty cupcake, I think I'm being a bit too fussy.  My decorating looks a bit better too but I think this is down to the flakes of chocolate hiding the untidy bits.


Anonymous said...

they look very pretty Ann and it's great that you share your ups and downs since we can't actually have a taste ourselves. I'd still try one ;o)

Berit said...

The icing looks beautiful--I don't think sprinkles could hide that many flaws. :D I do love cream cheese icing...Y. U. M.

Nita said...

mmmmm - chocolate! with cream cheese icing! and I haven't even had breakfast yet - lol!
They look scrumptious.