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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Runner Beans

How's this for a runner bean then???  I wonder if it would've won a prize at a horticultural show, perhaps not, it's not quite straight but it does measure 17 1/2 inches!!!  I was a bit late with my beans this year, what with one thing and another.  The local garden centres have been selling a lot more veg plants this last few years and, because I always waste a lot of seed from a packet with only having space to grow a few things, I've been buying my beans as small plants and growing them on.  This year they sold out before I could get to the centre so I ended up buying a packet of beans from Wilkinson's

they only cost £1.30 and after a slow start have done really well.  They really are stringless and very tender.  I'll look out for them again next year, I do find that trying to use seeds and beans from packets brought one year never do well the following year.  Wilko's garden department is very good for reasonably priced stuff.


Berit said...

Stringless and tender; sounds yummy! wish I had space for a bit of a garden, though I'm not sure I'm responsible enough to keep it up!

Anonymous said...

why don't you dry some pods anyway Ann and see what happens next year. Henri down on my plot has been recycling his beans and seeds since... well forever and has amazing crops. I'm going to have some of his broad beans this year, can't wait

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, we had a great return from our beans this year after a slow start also.The frost got the first lot put out, mice or birds got the second lot and the third lot grew amazingly1 I did not get stringless ones so preparing them was a bit of a pain but now that I know they are available I will look for them next year

Anonymous said...

Some of the recipes I've been reading around the blogs and your success with stringless beans...has encouraged me to consider growing some myself next season...well done!