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Thursday, 29 October 2009

A Day Off

I'm having a day off today.  A day off to me means no cooking meals or doing housework.  Also, no going out if I don't want to.  And, not making the numerous cups of tea we always drink throughout the day.  I don't very often get a day off, even on holiday we go self-catering so there is still cooking to do.  So, what do I do on a day off - I spend time in my craft room.  Today I'm still on my chicken making binge.  I have decided I like the back-to-front chickens best, I've got more cut out in this autumn themed fabric and will carry on with these, then I'll probably make a couple of zipped bags (another obsession at the moment).  I was given a box of six inch zips years and years ago and didn't know what to do with them.  This is one of the best things about being a hoarder, I didn't get rid of them and now have found a use for them.

This morning I spent a bit of extra time searching out interesting blogs and have added some to my links.  One blog had a 'show us what's at your bedside' (or something like that) so later today I intend taking a picture of my bedside to show here.  This article is in this blog.  I love to look at blogs that show their homes, especially the Norwegian ones, I think their decorating style is gorgeous.  I see some blogs that have pictures of a shelf with various things on, they look so decorative and artistic, my shelves just look full.  My house can be a bit dusty and some rooms look a bit untidy, though I have to say all my cupboards and drawers are organized, so you don't see how organized I can be.  My ideal house would be loads of cupboards with very little out, I suppose that is Shaker style.

What's your idea of a day off, I'd love to hear.


Anonymous said...

what fabulous fruit fabric.
hmmm, a day off to do whatever you want... finding a tardis on your doorstep just waiting to zip you off to a paradise island to read a book in the shade of a tree while sipping fruit smoothies and listening to the lapping waves. sigh. tucked up in bed reading with a cat on my lap or snuggled up on the sofa with my hubby watching a film isn't a bad second though!

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, your fingers are always working even when you do have a day off! I know what you mean though, it is great to just take time to do what you want, when you want to.
I wonder would nipitinthebuds tardis have room for a few more on the way to that island!