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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Some Pictures

Sorry about the really stupid title but the old brain is a bit befuddled this evening.  I want to show some pictures I took while I was in Norfolk and I was hoping for good weather while we were there but it was pretty bad.  So, here are a few pictures I took, mostly of sky.

These starlings were a real sight to see, just like Bill Oddie showed us on one of his tv programmes.  They were so fast though, by the time I got hold of the camera they had zoomed off.

Shelducks, but mostly this gives you an idea of what the Wash looks like, huge expanses of sand when the tide is out.

These two pictures were taken in September and show the old wooden groynes at Heacham.

Well, I have more pictures but will put more on another day because I want to watch the final of Master Chef Professionals.  I don't usually watch this sort of programme except when I'm at the caravan and this is the first time I've ever watched Master Chef.  I was so impressed with some of the desserts that I can't wait to have a go.  I want to make sablé pastry and tuile pastry, then have a go at spun sugar.  I loved the episode where the chefs had to serve tea at Sketch in London.  I wanted to put a link to Sketch but couldn't find a decent one.  I love afternoon tea and have been out to tea rooms locally but can't really say that either was particularly good as regards the room itself.  The food at Mintons was good but the room was quite shabby though clean.  At Manor Farm Tea Shoppe the food was alright but the room was a bit scruffy looking and the staff were young girls who were a bit inexperienced.  Because of this I like to do my own afternoon teas.  Last year I invited a few friends round and we had a lovely civilised tea!!!  On the programme there was also a sandwich made with black bread, Graham found a recipe on the internet for this using a bread maker so I want to have a go at it.

Right - I'm off to watch the final!!!


Barbara said...

I think I want to come for a visit...lovely place and then I'd take tea with you any time. But then I love scruffy tea rooms too. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

it's a good title - does what it says on the tin! I could watch starlings swooping and circling for hours. Always reminds me of my student days in Lancaster which is where I first experienced them one dark, grey (and probably wet) autumn evening

melissa sews said...

It was so nice to get your email today! I was having a rather exhausting afternoon at work when I received it. I can hardly wait to have one of your chickens perched in my home. Your pictures are making me want to visit Norfolk! God's Peace, Melissa