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Friday, 9 October 2009

A Full Stop

I knew it was too good to last!!!  The last few months have been tough physically as well as mentally.  The strange thing is that while I was feeling so worried my 'bad back' hasn't played up at all.  I had moments when I would panic and think that if my back seized up we'd be in a right mess.  I felt very happy that I could get on with life without my back on top of everything else and probably got a bit over confident - as you do.  My crafting is starting to get back on track and yesterday I started getting some ideas together for an upcoming swap, as shown above.  I was so sure that today it would all be finished and I could start on a Christmas ornament swap that I'm doing next.
So of course I felt that horrible little twinge that precedes 'a bad back'.  Damn!!!
Looks like being a boring rest day for me.


Anonymous said...

ouch, I hope the twinge is a false alarm and you're back in the crafting saddle soon. Cute chick :o) N x

Nita said...

Love the colors in your pic - the heart cs is gorgeous!
Hope your back decides to continue to "sleep" - and you can get on with the _important_ stuff.
Sending a little healing prayer your way.

Anonymous said...

As one who also has back problems I do hope you're healing and back to your usual self...