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Sunday, 20 September 2009

A Personal Challenge

I've set myself a challenge to perfect my cupcakes.  This picture shows my latest effort so a lot of work is needed.  By Christmas I hope to have a box of perfect cupcakes to give to my daughter in law, who loves them.  The areas that need refining are, the batter, the paper cases and, most definitely, the decoration.  So really I could say my efforts to date are complete failures but I won't because even though they look c*** they do taste delicious.

First the batter - I tried to halve a recipe that used cups as the measure.  It didn't work because I'm sure that I used too much sugar.  The first time I used the recipe I did the whole amount and it made too many for my needs but was absolutely delicious so I did want to stick with this recipe.  Also the cakes tended to sink in the centre.  Another thing I did wrong was put too much of the mixture in the cases, this made them rise over the top.

The paper cases - this was the most annoying part, the cake stuck to the cases and half the sponge was left on them.  I did a search and found out that this is what happens with the paper cases and to use foil ones.

The topping - I made butter cream topping and tried piping it onto the cakes.  There are two reasons this failed, first the butter cream was too stiff and second I'm useless at piping.  This area will need a lot of research and practice.

I have found what looks like an excellent blog for baking, I'll be having a good read of this, already I found out about the foil v paper cases from here so it should be helpful in my challenge.


Peggy said...

Hi Ann, I found this site for cupcakes which is terrific.
I don't pipe buttercream just smooth it over roughly with a knife.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked making cupcakes too, so much better than making a big cake...I mean I'm the only one who is going to eat them, unless there's company...I can always freeze some and top them later. My DH likes muffins...blueberry and strawberry in particular....I found the same problem with the paper cases...and switched to the foil. Your's look delightful as they are (certainly not c***, no disrespect but LOL)....your DIL is very fortunate that you want to get it exactly right.....just for her...hope we get to see your mouth is watering!

Anonymous said...

c***, why did you not want to spell cute? :o) silicon cases are worth a try if you're fed up with paper ones and you can pick up a pack of 6 from the 99p stores. If you like baking dainty morsels check out the Katiecakes link on my food bloggers list. cheerio, N x