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Monday, 14 September 2009

Marrow Cream

I had a very good crop of courgettes again this year and I thought that a lot would get wasted as usual.  That is until I saw this marrow cream idea.  A couple of other bloggers have made this recipe and one of them, Peggy, has made a marrow meringue pie with it.  I love lemon meringue and the marrow cream is flavoured with lemon so it is a perfect filling for this pie.
Well, on taking it out of the oven it looked as tempting as a normal lemon meringue!
It looked like lemon filling too!!!  I was absolutely amazed that it tasted just like a conventional lemon meringue pie!  And it didn't ooze all over the plate either.  I did alter the recipe slightly, it called for 2 lb of sugar, but because I saw from the other bloggers that it was best made with less sugar I just used 1 lb and it was still fairly sweet and it set nicely.
I weighed the marrow before starting and it was 8 lb.  After removing the seeds and skin it ended up weighing about 2 3/4 lbs.


Berit said...

I just have to lol at myself for having to run a 'net search to find out what a courgette is! Ha ha!

Looking at it, it is obviously a Zucchini (I suppose that's what we call it in the US)! Somehow between the title "Marrow Cream" and "courgettes" I was completely thrown off!

Does it taste anything like lemon curd? I recently tried some of that (and was somewhat disappointed, because it was from the same Scotch brand that makes my favorite Marmalade--bought it 'cause they've stopped selling that brand's marmalade in the market, and I had some hope that it would be similar somehow. It wasn't. Yet it was nice in its own fashion.) Marmalade here is generally terrible--so sweet, and has not very much citrus flavor at all. It really just tastes like not much more than gelled simple syurp. Yuck! I like it nice n' bitter, on toast with butter! Yum!

But, this pie looks so beautiful--the meringue is lovely.

Anonymous said...

I have simply got to buy some zucchini (my zucchini tuckered out in the middle of the summer)so I can try this marrow cream recipe.....I'll admit that the orange marmalade I've bought is not wonderful (unless imported)...I've always been tempted to make some...which oranges are the best to use?

Peggy said...

Well done,Ann. I am glad you read the update and put in less sugar as it was very sweet!It is amazing the lemons give it a completely different taste.

Anonymous said...

another lovely marrow meringue pie, yummy. I've yet to try it using the digestive biscuit base but will be making another batch with my monster marrow this week. I've eaten half of the first batch already!