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Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I've had a bit of success with my tomatoes this year.  I don't know why because I only bought the plant at the last minute after deciding I was useless at growing them.  This variety is Roma, a plum tomato.  I put it into a big pot and put it in the greenhouse.  I didn't stake it but I did make sure it was watered and fed properly.  After a slow start it has done brilliantly and we've had quite a good crop with plenty more to go.
Graham had the last piece of the marrow meringue pie after dinner today, I had to make do with banana, ice cream and cream!!!  I share a banana each evening with my dog, Doobry, he has his without the cream and ice cream, not through choice, you know what dogs are like!


Berit said...

Both of these look stunning--I LOVE roma tomatoes and banana deserts

Peggy said...

You have a good crop of tomatoes from one plant!There is nothing like the taste of freshly picked tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

I must plant a Roma tomato next year, I like Roma the best of all meaty and flavorful...yours are impressive. I'm working on my Marrow Cream...forgot to get lemons at the will do so tomorrow and hopefully by Saturday I'll be enjoying a Marrow Cream pie...I don't know why but I always think it's interesting when dogs or cats eat fruit and vegetables...we used to have a Collie who liked apples...he used to eat the whole thing til I read that I shouldn't be letting him eat the seeds...some noxious chemical in the seeds, can't remember which...but he still ate quartered apples sans seeds...*smile*