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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

That's Better

After spending all that time reorganising and cleaning in my craft room yesterday, I think that it looks much better.  I sorted out a couple of shelves and managed to free one up for all my storage jars.

Then I tackled all my wadding, plastic bags and cardboard boxes that were spilling out all over the place.  I tied up the plastic bags and have them stored in a bin under my table.  Some of the cardboard was recycled into our recycling bin ready for collection by the council.  I was glad that I'd kept the tall box that I'd had some flowers delivered in (from my DS &DIL for my birthday) because I was able to use it for all the small bags/pieces of wadding that were always sliding out of that corner.
Now doesn't that look neat and tidy!!!
There are still areas that need sorting out but at least some of it's done.  The trouble is I can't motivate myself to do any crafting today, I just want to admire the tidyness!  Something I have done today though, is start off some sour dough.  I've never tried this before but when I read Melissa's really easy instructions, I just had to try it.  When I finish this blog post I'm going to make a Walnut, Date & Honey cake from my new recipe book.


Gillie said...

Looks lovely, Ann! I know the feeling about wanting to keep it that way, mine is tidy too, I must have caught your vibes! Good luck with the bread and I'll be stopping by for some cake, oh, around 3-ish, lol!

Berit said...

Looks very lovely and neat! My own desk could use a touch of erm, touching up, too! Sigh. I've been getting behind in my housekeeping generally these last couple of weeks. Good luck with your baking endeavors; I'm certain they'll great. Your cake sounds as though it will be satisfying and perfect with tea. :)

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, it all looks shipshape and tidy, I know I would enjoy admiring it too but work needs to go on and it will be much easier to find everything now.I love all of your storage jars with fancy lids.