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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Cards & Cake

I haven't spent much time making cards recently.  I think this is because I made a lot in the past and ended up with too many to know what to do with.  Now that I haven't got so many hanging about I thought I'd get going with card making again.
I made four like the above then ran out of ideas, I couldn't show the other two because the picture I took turned out blurred.  So, when I need ideas I do a bit of surfing and came up with this blog and it really sparked off some inspiration in me.
I don't usually do so many layers on cards, my cards tend to be a bit minimal but maybe I need a bit of a change.  Rubber stamping isn't really something I enjoy, even though I've got a box full of stamps.  I prefer decoupage and I think this is the look I'll go for.  I have a small craft group that meets at my house and I think they'll enjoy making this style of card too.  We used to meet every Thursday but last April I closed the group down.  This was due to knowing Graham wouldn't be well enough for me to carry on with it for a while and also because I think we all needed a break.  We met for the first time again last Thursday and the old enthusiasm was back (plus one lady wasn't invited, which made a difference to the mood).  We'll meet alternate weeks this time, that will give me time to come up with new ideas for them to try and still leave me plenty of sewing time.
The cake I mentioned yesterday turned out really nice.  I don't usually fancy cakes with banana in them, I imagine them to be soggy but this cake tastes lovely and has just the right moistness.  The next one I want try from my new recipe book uses an orange in the ingredients, the peel as well as the pulp, so that will be an interesting one to try.


Berit said...

I recently had some treacle pudding with custard at a place called Tea & Sympathy in the city. And, of course, I became completely enamored of it, and so now I'm on the hunt for that Golden Syrup to make it with at home (having found the recipe of the restaurant posted online. Whee; a very simple recipe; here's hoping it's a success!

Your cake looks quite lovely; looking forward to hearing about the orange type another time! :D

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, your cards look so pretty especially the layered one with the fairy!
Starting the group again should be good fun and sharing your hobby with like minded people will be great.
I have not baked for a while so I might look out some recipes now!

melissa sews said...

Yum! Your cake looks so good, Ann. Wish I had a piece to go with my coffee in the morning! And I'm doubly jealous now. My sewing room hasn't been organised for quite some time. :) Melissa