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Friday, 19 March 2010

Diabetic Cake

I have a friend who is diabetic and loves baking.  She will often bring cake to my house for Graham, who loves her sponge cakes with buttercream.  I always feel a bit sorry that she can't enjoy a piece of cake when she visits me so I thought I'd try to bake a sugar free cake, then I could offer her a piece with her cup of tea instead of the boring digestive biscuit she usually has.
This cake is orange flavoured, I used the boiled, pureed whole orange idea that I'd used for a non-diabetic cake I'd made recently.  Anyway, I just took the cake out of the oven and, so far, it looks good.  It rose beautifully but is rather pale (apart from one area, my oven is terrible for an uneven heat).  The paleness won't matter as I intend to cover the top with a low fat soft cheese, diabetic suitable, icing.  The sweetener I used was Canderel, I used this in particular because my brother was instrumental in developing this sweeter (the clever old thing!).  Later I will ice the cake and try it then tomorrow I'll report on the taste and texture.  If I think it is ok I'll put the recipe here in case anyone wants to try it.
Garden Report
I spent another morning in the garden.  The weather was so warm I actually took my jacket off today.  I now have five raised beds and it still leaves plenty of areas where I will be able to place tubs and pots.  I'm growing a few things from seed but next week I'll go to a local nursery where I buy my vegetable plants and see what they've got for sale.  It's still a bit early for a lot of things but last year I had success protecting the plants I put in early by using garden fleece around the bed.  Last year I only planted the big raised bed and one row of beans in another bed due to the situation with Graham's health.


Laurie said...

Hi Ann

I think it is the Ohio Star block with a small border around each block and stitched together nothing fancy, and of course it is a scrap qilt...very scrappy.. I guess just blocks until there was enough to make the king size quilt, then it has a 4 inch border...simple.

Laurie said...

Diabetic son im law is a insulin dependant one.... I make a fruit cake for him.
soak in a cup of strong coffee over night 1 lb of dried fruit
next day add the following
•1/2 cup nuts
•1 cup flour ( may be more if to wet)
•2 teaspoons baking powder
•2 eggs
•1/4 cup slivered almonds
•2 tablespoons sherry or any thing else that appeals to you

cook in lined cake tin @ 180 until knife is clean when stabbed in. approx 45 mins.

You can ice this cake as well it makes a good celebration cake so can be eaten by anyone.

Laurie said...

sorry forgot to say use almonds and sherry for the top when cooled.

nic @ nipitinthebud said...

so I know you've not tried it yet and I know looks can be deceiving but I'd wager your cake is delicious. And if it was for sale on the WI stand I don't think anyone would be bringing it back with complaints! (if you try the flapjack recipe it is a little brittle but crunchy rather than bone breaking!)

Gillie said...

Oh, how I miss the WI stand! I agree it looks delicious. Mentioned you, Ann, on my other blog,