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Monday, 29 March 2010


Some people are talented bakers, some people are enthusiastic bakers.  I'm enthusiastic and bake often, sometimes with good results, sometimes with not so good results.  My baked goods always taste ok though.  Now, on the other hand, my DH is a talented baker.

If I'd have made these scones they would have been flat as pancakes but, as you can see, these rose beautifully.  I'm looking forward to having one after dinner with plum compote and cream.  This situation of enthusiasm versus talent doesn't deter me, I will carry on baking and hope that one day I'll attain that magic touch.
Our clocks went forward on Saturday/Sunday night, this always throws my inner clock out of sync.  As mentioned previously, I had to get up early today and be out of the house for eight o'clock.  So, I went to bed at my usual time (by the clock), and had an hours read, but could I get to sleep - it was at least two o'clock before I dropped off and I had to be up at six.  Then it dawned on me, I did go to sleep at my usual time, it was really one o'clock in old time!  I got to the venue early, as I usually do, I'm one of those people even if I think I'm late I'm early.  I sat there all day doing nothing but chat with a group of lovely ladies who felt the same way that I did about the situation (see a previous post re what I was there for).  Then, at three o'clock we were told we could all go home and not go back until a week on Wednesday - what a relief!!!  At least next week we don't have to be there until ten o'clock.


Peggy said...

Hi Ann, I know what you mean about the hour it takes me a few days to get back to normal.I have been baking but forget to take photos! I made 2 brown loaves and a banana bread today.I might post the banan bread as it is very nice, the first one I baked was a bit too wet but todays one was just right. I am like you my baking is erratic!

Melissa said...

Ann, I'd be in heaven if my DH could bake like that!!! Delicious looking scones... I probably couldn't pull them off, either.

I'm glad you have your week back to yourself. The time changing always throws me off, too. :) Melissa

mangocheeks said...

Those are rather tall and proud scones. I am impressed and like Melissa would be delighted if my husband could bake like that.

Melissa said...

I've been thinking about you, Ann. I saw a weather report for your area this week, and was stunned to see that you all are still suffering the snow and cold. This has been the winter that wouldn't end! I'm hoping it ends very soon so you can get outside again.

I layed in the hammock yesterday soaking up the sunshine. It's amazing what a little vitamin D will do for the soul. I believe the cold winter has contributed to my lenghty recovery. : ) Melissa