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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mother's Day

I've had a lovely card, a beautiful bunch of flowers and a box of Black Magic chocolates from my son.  And from my husband I want some help to get my veg plot organised.  Is that too much to ask???  I've been growing my own veg for about 25 years, it's something I enjoy very much but, because of my 'bad back', I have difficulty these days and need a bit of help.  My DH and I have different ideas about what a veg plot should look like.  To me it is a piece of ground where I grow veg.  To him it is an area that is totally organised and good looking.  To me it looks good if there are lots of veg growing, it doesn't matter if there are no straight lines, the veg still tastes like veg.  You get the idea I'm sure - we have a difference of opinion so nothing gets done.  I wait and wait for that bit of help.  Half an hour a day for a couple of weeks would be great, that's all I want for Mother's Day.

So, a bit of nagging was in order today.  I'm not usually a nag but I felt entitled to complain as it is 'my day' today.  He's just left the house to check if he's got the timber edging and the plant pots I want to use.  I know he's got them but he still has to check.  I'll go up there in about ten minutes to see if it's all out of his garage (which is full of really good stuff) and ready for me to use.  I'm not allowed in his garage, I might move something!!!

Wish me luck, I've got to get a move on with this or I'll be too late again this year to have a really good crop of the things I want to grow.


Gillie said...

Hope you got it done without war, Ann! Happy Mother's Day, I have to wait until May, lol! You can plant your spuds on Good Friday remember!

melissa sews said...

Good for you! Sometimes I find a little nagging is in order around here, too. Hate to do it, but sometimes that's what it takes to get the job done. I'm planting my garden next week, and like you, I'll need a little extra help.

I have another ruptured disc and I'm scheduled for surgery on March 22. Ugh!!! This is getting old fast. I mean, I don't mind being out of commission through the winter, but spring is here... :( We'll see how it goes! I'm a tough old bird. I WILL HAVE MY VEGGIES! :) Melissa

Lori said...

Happy Mothers Day! sorry, didn't realize it ! ours isn't until May usually... love your gardening boots! and energy! which I have little of! take care!