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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Another Lovely Day

I can't believe, that after all that really cold, frosty weather, that we are having such warm days.  It is so nice to be outside and not freeze to death.  I had my jacket on and got too warm.  It was lovely.  We got another raised bed sorted out.  This one needed the timber sides replacing as the originals had rotted.  I felt very satisfied with what we accomplished again.
They are the ones at the back with the black plastic covering.  Tomorrow we are going to tackle the one in the middle on the right.  The bricks surrounding this one have crumbled quite badly so we'll replace them with the timber boards.  It will also be slightly shorter, that way we can fit in another bed between the two at the far end and the two in the middle.  This part of our garden is very sheltered.  It can get quite windy where we live at the top of a hill but the veg plot is protected all around and it really cuts out a lot of the wind.
The rhubarb has survived and is growing well.
The snowdrops are still flowering, I've never known them so late.  These are from my great aunt's garden and must date back quite a few years.
This must have self seeded because I didn't plant it.
It seems that my Mother's Day request was taken seriously doesn't it, looks like my vegetable plot will be just how I want it within a couple of weeks.


Peggy said...

Hi Ann, like me you spent the day gardening. Your veg garden is looking very spick and span and ready to go, you have a lot of room in all of those beds.It is great to have days like this when it is a pleasure to be outside.

nic @ nipitinthebud said...

lovely to see your garden Ann. Be warned, gardening has great pulling power - your sewing room may begin to feel neglected!

melissa sews said...

What a lovely garden, Ann. You've made excellent progress over the last few days. It's been rainy here, and I haven't been able to do any gardening yet.

I came across this post and thought of you... if you read all the way through, there are some excellent sourdough recipes at the bottom: muffins, pizza crust, pancakes, yum!

Pippilotta said...

Ann, I love your garden, and the garden pictures. I haven't seen pulmanias in pink, here they are only yellow and their name is Schl├╝sselblume ( keyflower translated) . Why they are named so, I don't know.