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Monday, 22 March 2010


After I decided to have a go at the Ohio Star block, I realised that I needed more fabric.  What - more fabric - I must be mad!!!  The problem was, that even though I have enough fat quarters and enough good lengths to start a fabric shop, nothing matched how I wanted it to.  Luckily(?) the Fabric Guild let me know that I could visit either Friday or Sunday.  My intention was to buy some coordinating fat quarters, about 12 altogether, but once you enter their warehouse plans can easily change.  I didn't buy one fat quarter.  But I did buy
Now I don't know if these are as good a buy as the fat quarters but I just couldn't resist them.  They are Quilters Mix and are ready coordinated for you.  To me they look like samples that you would get in a sample book but I don't have to worry about matching the blocks up now and I'm sure they will get used up better than the fat quarters would.  These varied in price from £2 to £4.50.
There were so many things I couldn't resist
How about these, 3 yard lengths for £3.75 and already done in a patchwork design, great for some quick cheater quilts.
A ready printed cat just waiting to be sewn together - 99p.
Some more lengths, the one on the left 3 yards for £3.75, top right £2 a yard and bottom right 99p a yard.
I also bought buttons at 40p a pack, some broderie anglaise trim at 99p for 3 yards and, of course some sewing machine thread at 60p a reel.  Couldn't show a picture of them as it came out very blurred.
There were also some paper craft bargains that I just had to have.
That was my Sunday, no sewing or gardening got done at all.  I did visit my DS and DIL on the way home as they live quite near to the area of Leicester I went to.


Peggy said...

Hi Ann, I thought the photos were of the stock in the warehouse but I have just realised you bought all of this!A warehouse is just so easy to buy in as you are surrounded by material and being a warehouse it is so much cheaper is'nt it?!A day away from all work and just browsing and day dreaming is great medicine and don't feel in the least guilty about it.

Nyperosa said...

Hello Ann : )

I flying around on diffrent
bloggs, and find the nice one
you got, and I did find this one:

Maybe you to will like it too.

Regards from Nyperosa : )

Melissa said...

I appreciate your well wishes, Ann. The surgery went well, and I'm at home resting. Looks like you found some wonderful fabric. I love those coordinated sets, too. Takes the guesswork out. : ) Melissa

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great fabrics. Isn't that always the way, no matter how much stash you have its not quite what you need sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Pretty fabrics but I just love the cat fabric!