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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Driving Myself Crazy - Again!

Today I decided to tidy my craft room.  I wanted to put things away that I'd used recently and give it a good dust.  It's amazing how much dust is created in here.  I've got two tables, one for sewing and general use and a small one where my guillotine stands, ready for when I'm card making.  The first thing I did was move everything from the small table and put it onto my work table.
Now I've got places where I keep all the tools and that will be easy enough to tidy up.  BUT - where shall I keep all the fancy storage jars and other decorative stuff?  That set me off and I started to get downhearted.  I'm sick of shuffling everything around to try and get some order in here.  I gave away a load of crafty items just before Christmas and now I concentrate just on sewing and card making.  There still isn't enough room in here.  One corner in particular always gets out of hand
It's where I keep all my wadding. for some reason it keeps escaping (because I rummage around under there looking for things).  I keep telling my DH that I need three craft rooms but he disagrees every time and refuses to let me turn all three bedrooms into craft rooms - the old meany!!!  No, he's very patient really and tries to help me sort it out.  We have different ideas about what 'sorting out' means.  To me it is to have everything in it's place and readily accessible.  To him it is to put everything away - full stop.  And why do I always want to keep cardboard boxes and plastic bags?  Well they might come in useful, won't they?  Oh well, I'll spend another hour in here then have a cup of tea.


Gillie said...

Ann, I really feel your pain, as someone once said! I have to get in there today too. What about large plastic totes, they are fairly cheap over here, not sure about UK. You can then keep like-minded stuff (like wadding) all together. Have you got anywhere else you could keep the just in case stuff? That would free up space for what you're actually working with. A cup of tea sounds like a good idea! love, gillie

melissa sews said...

I, too, have a corner... actually TWO corners which seem to collect items which are too large to put on a shelf. It is frustrating, but fortunately for me, my sewing space is upstairs, and company rarely goes up there. I try not to stress about it. I do get a cleaning itch now and again, and tidy up a bit, as you're doing now. But, for the most part, it stays messy! :) Melissa

Berit said...

A cup of tea really is the thing; I think I'm off to have one now! lol! It is so difficult to keep things organized yet accessible!