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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Yet Another Bag

Before spending time putting away my Christmas decorations I got round to finishing this bag.  It turned out a lot fancier than I thought it would!  I couldn't think of any embroidery design to put on it so decided to see what yo-yos (Suffolk puffs) would look like.  It's different anyway!

When I got up this morning it had been snowing again and it has snowed on and off all day.  It must be a bit warmer though, because the snow on the roof keeps sliding off and frightening me to death.  It really rumbles down the roof then makes quite a noise as it hits the ground.  I worried that my little dog would be stepping outside as it happened but he's been ok so far.

Yesterday I visited Myra's blog and she mentioned that one of her goals for this year was to do a Christmas ornament each month.  What a good idea, I'll be joining Myra in this and have just ordered a couple of charts from Sew and So.  I've chosen Prairie Schooler charts, one is the Kris Kringle Chart Leaflet and the other is Old World Santas II Chart Leaflet.  We'll see how I get on with this.


mrs green said...

Wow, that is a really beautiful bag. I'm not in the least bit crafty, so people like you truly inspire me. I love how you have put together those pretty materials to create something unique and functional.

I can do that in the kitchen with ingredients, but never with scraps of materials!

Enjoy your goal for the Christmas ornaments, that sounds like a great thing to aim towards.

Patti said...

I LOVE that bag to pieces. Wish I would have thought of that. I just need a really big bag that will be useful for storing my blocks and taking them to class neatly. I have seen at bag at Buttonberry and am thinking of buying the stuff for it - like I don't have enough stash between my Cross Stitch and my Quilting stuff. Ah well such is life - I am a terrible hoarder and stasher.

The reason the snow is coming off your roof is because your roof isn't insulated enough and the heat from your house is melting it. You can always tell in snowy weather who has enough insulation and who doesn't.

I think the ornament a month is a great idea. Now all I need is more hours in the day or 8 day weeks so I could do this. Or to stay off this darn computer. That would work for me.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, the bag looks really great, it could be a valentine swap?!I see from the news that all of the UK is suffering from extensive snowfall.We have had no snow around the city so far but it is SO cold!
Stay warm and safe.

mangocheeks said...

I really love this bag, it is so beautiful. Fills me with joy and smiles.

Its been snowing on and off here too. My little toots are so cold, even when they're snug in socks and slippers bbbbbrrrrrr

BT said...

Hello there, I've just come from Peggy's blog and I've read yours down to just before Christmas. I love the crafts you do, especially the bags. I also make bags but they are very different from yours. I call them 'raggy bags' and they are woven from re-cycled material and are left a bit shabby on purpose. I do line them though! You can see a couple illustrated on my blog if you pop over.

I love those toys you had on your stairs - I would have bought the lot too!

I have never really got into cross stitch. My sister in Australia loves it and does really tiny ones. I always await her beautiful cards and can't ever throw them away.

I really enjoyed my trip here. I, too, live in Ireland, in County Clare. But I used to live in Matlock Bath for over 20 years so I know Nottingham quite well.

all the best