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Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Sewing Kit

I spent today making the pincushion, sewing roll and needle case for the project bag I made a while ago.  There is also a scissor fob to go with it.  I feel quite happy with what I've made today.  When I'm doing embroidery or cross stitch there is never much to show for each days work but when I make things like the sewing kit it always feels as though the day has been productive.
The snow has disappeared now and it has rained a lot today, it's a bit milder and I have been able to open a window to get a bit of fresh air into the house without freezing to death!  I meant to buy some vegetable seeds while I was shopping the other day.  I like to buy seeds from Wilkinsons but I couldn't remember why I was going into the shop, then when I got home I remembered - oh dear!!!


Gillie said...

What a pretty set! My husband called from Northampton a while ago (he's on business) to say it's raining there and the snows all gone. Still too cold here to open a window, alas!

mangocheeks said...

These are really pretty Ann.