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Monday, 4 January 2010

Projects So Far

This year I want to keep a proper record of everything I make.  I have a little black book that I jot down ideas and instructions in so I will use this to also jot down what I've made.  Here's what I've been doing so far.

These are the project bags I enjoy making, they measure about 7 inches x 9 inches and are just right for keeping 'bits' together.  I've made two the same because I want one to keep and one to give/swap.  This is another thing I want to do, if I make something that will be given away I want to make another one for myself.

I also want to do some applique this year and I've started off with this heart shape.  It's stuck to the background with Bondaweb and I will blanket stitch around the edge and maybe add a bit of redwork to the blank area.  It will then be made into another project bag.

I also like to stitch a few small designs, then if I'm in a swap I have something ready to use.  This one will be a scissor fob.

 Lately I've been stitching on evenweave/linen fabric but, for a change, I decided to have a go at this initial on Aida.  Aida is much easier on the eyes than evenweave and so is quite quick to stitch.
I have two other pieces of stitching started, just small designs like the above ones.  Considering it's only the fourth day of the new year I think I've got quite a bit made already!


Peggy said...

Hi Ann,I was beginning to wonder did you have a different new year to me? You have been so busy already, if you keep up this work rate you will need to extend the house before the end of the year!

Patti said...

I can't get over what you have done already. Guess Peggy is right and you will need a bigger house or else be much more organized than I am. I love those bags and can't wait to see what you use the hearts to aplique on.
Patti xxxx

Berit said...

Gorgeous! I wish you'd explain bondaweb a bit; I'm such a newbie that I'm totally confused by stuff like "fusible interfacing" and the like. How to use...when to use...ugh!

If I'm not mistaken you would have taken the paper backing off of one side of the "bondaweb", then fused to the floral fabric, then trimmed out the heart, then peeled off the other backing, then ironed the heart into place on the white ground? Finally, the blanket stitch to finish? I just don't know what to use when...I've got some "fusible interfacing" to use to sturdy up some backing fabric before I use it to back an xstitch pin pillow...for an exchange! Perhaps I'd better practice first, eh? :D

I love your plan of having some bits already made up that you can finish into this or that for exchanges--must make it that much easier to agree to join into them with a bit of an arsenal up your sleeve...sort of reminds me of the tip to make-ahead then freeze cookie dough. (Then you can bust it out when your guests call that they're coming in and sit there with the fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies and tea ready and not a hair out of place! Or, so I hear...)

Berit said...

Thank you for answering my question Ann! Here's a follow up: So, are bondaweb and fusible interfacing not the same thing? What is the difference?

Anonymous said...

hello busy bee ;o)
i copied your bag handle design to salvage a swimming bag I made for a Christmas present (well it's never wise to sew up the side seams first when making a draw string bag I discovered!)
cheerio, N x

Berit said...

Thank you so much, Ann! I think I finally understand!

Myra said...

I love your project bags, the fabric is so pretty. I agree with everyone else - you have been busy. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you will join in on doing a Christmas ornament a month. I need to decide what I want to stitch for this months.