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Friday, 22 January 2010

Pin Tucks

This project bag and accessories isn't finished yet, I'm trying to think of some sort of pouch that will hold embroidery scissors and floss.  It will need to be strong enough to hold the scissors without the point cutting through.  I love the look of pin tucks, they are really easy to do if you have a zig zag machine, all you need is a twin needle and it's quite straight forward.  I have got a pin tuck foot but I don't always use it, as long as the tension is tight it works quite well without the foot.  The advantage of the foot is that it has a guide on it so that the tucks are easy to space evenly.
I was getting a bit worried about making all these sets, that is until I was reading this blog, the blogger loves making pincushions and I do belong to this group that is just about pincushions.  So, I decided it is ok to have an obsession for these things and I will carry on making them - so there!!!
A thought I had this morning was about energy levels.  I love to watch The Dog Whisperer, he is always talking about dogs' energy levels and I realised that I thought Doobry was the perfect dog because he has the same energy level as me.  This led me to understand about people's energy levels and that mine is low.  All my life I've felt tired when I've tried to keep up with other people, for instance Graham is a higher energy level than me and I know that sometimes he gets a bit annoyed when I say I can't do any more.  If I do try to keep up I get so tired that I feel ill.  Well, it's about time I stopped being like this and if other people can't accept me as I am - tough!!!


Berit said...

It is easy to make the mistake that someone who is of a lower energy level than you "is lazy". I guess we just need to be understanding of others, right? I don't see how you can be *that* low-energy, though, when you are making so many beautiful sets

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pin tucks! I didn't even realize what they were called, but I love things like subtle texture and tonal changes as design elements. It really adds dimension with just that subtle relief; showcases the fabric without making it "busy". Plus, it's useful! Beautiful work. I'd like to see if My machine can do this at some point; it does do a zig-zag stitch, so probably yes.

Oh, also I had treacle pudding at a "real" tea shop called Tea & Sympathy run by some ex-pats in NYC on Monday--boy was that good!! Wish I knew how to make it! (It reminded me of all the delicious deserts you are always showing here.)

melissa sews said...

Those are good words live by, Ann. I struggle with finding enough energy myself. I've found that a good multi-vitamin and B complex helps me. But I still can't keep up with others. And I've finally quit trying, too. I'm okay with who I am.

Those pintucks are gorgeous! I've never given them a try. They look so intimidating. Thanks for the encouragement.

Myra said...

The texture those pintucks give the pieces is amazing. Very pretty.

Peggy said...

Hi Ann,if we could all have the same energy levels there would be no prize winners in races!The pin tucks are fascinating ,I have a twin needle which I have never used this might tempt me to get out the instruction video to see how to use it.
I know you will figure out just the right case to put the scissors into.I must go back now and read your links!

melissa sews said...

I'm so glad you commented on my post today! To be honest, I purchased 3 copies of the pattern. One for me, one for you, and one to give away. I still have your address hiding around here somewhere from when you sent the lovely sewing set. :) Melissa